Pekingese Foster Centre South Africa


Foster Application Form

Get an foster application form from us or download the pdf from this page.
Complete the adoption application and either return by email to Send Mail or fax (086 273 1915)

Arrange Home Inspection

Once your application has been received, you will be contacted by a Peke Rescue volunteer via email or telephonically to arrange a home inspection.

Approval & Follow Up

Once your home has been approved we will discuss the available Pekes that will fit in with your home.
A few follow up visits will be made by a Pekingese Rescue volunteer to ensure that the Peke has settled down and is happy

When You or Peke are Unhappy

If the adoption does not work out for either the new owner or the Peke, then the Peke must be returned to Pekingese Rescue SA.
Only Pekingese Rescue SA can re-home the Peke.

Feeding of the Peke

We recommend Hills/Royal Canin food as a basic requirement (2x per day).
The Peke should form part and parcel of your home in that they are treated as part of the family and should upon departure, be fully socialized.

Children & Access

Pekes are not fond of younger children. They can snap at them thus we do not recommend younger children in the home.
A doggie door must be installed for the Peke as they must have access to the house at all times.

Pekes & Sleep

Pekes snore and shed their hair throughout the year. The Peke must be able to sleep inside and not be left alone during the day.

Your Property

There should be sufficient grass in the yard – paving in itself is not adequate.
There should have been no parvo on the property – if there was, we need to be informed on how long ago this was.

Securing your Property

The property must be secure in terms of walling and fencing.
Gating must be closed up with wire mesh as Pekes are actually quite small under all their fur and can escape through any small holes. Drain holes are to be covered.

A Safe Environment

Preferably there should be no pool, but should there be one, it should be covered up with a pool net or fencing.
The garden must be kept neat and tidy – Pekes have very sensitive eyes and a branch could quite easily take an eye out. There should be no allergies in the household.