Your help means everything to us.

About voluteering

Volunteering is a great way to meet new people and it can be fun too. As we are a voluntary organisation we need your time and skills. And most importantly if you are compassionate and respect companion animals you will be contributing to the welfare of those pets who have been discarded. Are you interested in becoming involved?


What to expect

What will I gain?

Volunteering with us is a great way to meet like minded people who share the same enthusiasm for animal welfare. There are lots of other benefits too, such as:

  • gaining new skills or developing existing ones.
  • the chance to try out something new.
  • doing something useful and rewarding.
  • gaining a sense of achievement.
  • putting something back into the community.
  • developing your personal skills and confidence.

As a volunteer you can gain important transferable skills in fundraising, campaigning, finance, team building, management, computers, administration – the list is endless.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone can volunteer. We value diversity and encourage volunteers from all sections of the community.If you can't find a volunteering opportunity why not consider having some fun fundraising for us instead.

How do I apply?

If you’d like to find out more please contact Pekingese Rescue and find out more about getting involved. Before you join us as a volunteer, you will be asked to complete a volunteer application form which you can email back to us.

Download Form

How much time will I have to give?

There are many ways you can help us make a difference, no matter how much time you have available or the level of commitment you can afford to give.

Adopt a pekingese from us. Download your Adoption application form, fill it out and send right back to us.